Saturday, July 21, 2012


If you don't know this by now, you probably should- One of my favorite quotes ever is, "Come What May and Love it." Elder Joseph B. Worthlin said this a few years ago, and for the course of most of my mission it has became a motto for me. 
I have found though that it's really easier said then done. I find it's really easy to spout it off when others are having a hard time, or if I am just jokingly saying it when something small happens... But when the time comes to really put this phrase into place... That's when I find myself struggling with the application. 

So the real question is... Why I am I telling you all this.... Well for one, I am needing some creative ideas for my blog, this one not being one of them, and second of all.... I felt like someone out there needs to hear this today. Today there is someone that needs to know that everything will be alright, today there is someone whose heart is saddened, and who feels broken, and to you... Whoever you are... "Come What May, and Love it." It might sound harsh at first, but it seems like for every good day there is a bad, for everyday of sunshine there is a period of night, for every Friday of Crucifixion there is a Sunday of Resurrection, and for every valley there is a mountain. Somedays this motto of "Come What May" is the only hope of getting through the hardships..
So how do we find this attitude??.... Well in on of my favorite hymns (I Believe in Christ, 134), it reads- I Believe in Christ, So Come What May. That's how we find it, through faith in Jesus Christ. . . Life somehow becomes so much easier as we put our faith and trust in the Lord, and Savior. Its as if these troubles MELT from us, and we feel the warmth of the light, and Spirit again. 

So for you, whoever you are... Take your time to read the scriptures, and to pray. These are two ways of developing this attitude of conversion. I know that you can make it through, and that everything will Be Alright.

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